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Maine Photos – Autumn, Winter, Spring & Music – the marcrescue blog


Greetings All,


I’ve been so neglectful about posting an updated blog that….


A: Most people have forgotten entirely about me


B: A few have actually reached out and asked about the blog


  1. Not because they miss me  – they miss the photos


Life is so chock full of busy that I didn’t even realize it’s been a touch over six months since I sent an update.


So here in a nutshell – or rather photos….is what’s been happening.


(With a music update at the end – so you don’t have to wade through that to get to the photos)



Last fall was – as always – a great time to hike. Here’s what our town looks like from the top of Mt Battie as the leaves are changing:



Acadia National Park is not far away and hiking there is always good for the soul:







The annual Camden International Film Festival (CIFF) is a huge event in town. It’s rated as one of the top 12 documentary film festivals in the world. Quite nice for a town this small and so far off the beaten path.


But for good reason – it’s exceptional:

CIFF 09-18-2015




We had a great time at the anniversary showing of “Back To The Future” at a local theatre that showed it when it first came out (The Strand was built in 1926 – and is totally restored today).


BTTF pic four

Even better – a mysterious DeLorean showed up in front of the theatre for the film:

BTTF bw Delorean 10-21-2015


Can’t beat Halloween in a small town. The town closes down a number of blocks for a Halloween block party – and this year we had a flash mob show up to the tune of “Thriller”:

Halloween Flashmob 2015


These weirdo’s were out trick or treating::

Halloween Selfie 2015


One of our favorite challenges – Beth’s Farm Market’s Corn Maze.


Beth's Corn Maze 2015


For the second year in a row we split up – me against the family – and they won.

I kept finding this sign over and over again – arghhhh:



Before you know it – it’s time for the annual Christmas parade….does yours feature a lobster…with Christmas lights on it?


How about a Lobster Trap Christmas Tree!



It was a year of weird weather patterns this winter.

But as always some interesting snowpeople appeared in the yard:

12241222_915179435214973_6339907384695931134_n (1)

Cap America Snowman 03-21-2016


One great thing about winter is that the snow covers all the brush in the woods and with snowshoes you can hike places you can’t get close to in summer…..for instance you can find a tree that’s been ravaged by woodpeckers – hard to believe they can do this – but they do:

Woodpecker Tree - Copy


The hardest part about winter for us….it’s not the snow….it’s not the cold….it’s when the annual box of See’s “Nuts & Chews” box that my Uncle and Aunt mail to us from the West Coast every holiday season – turns into a box of empty wrappers….sighhhh:



Before you know it – Spring is here and it’s time for one of our favorite days in Maine – “Maine Maple Sunday”. The day when all the maple sugar houses open their doors for tours, free samples and the best maple syrup you can buy – straight from the tap.

We hit three houses every year. The first is Sparky’s ( – close to us and besides great maple syrup – they also produce the best honey from their bees:




We also head to Simmons & Daughters ( for fresh “maple” cotton candy. Once you’ve had maple cotton candy you’ll never go back to the weird colored stuff they sell at fairs and circuses:



They really are two of the “daughters”:




Then it’s over to see Mark at Bradstreet Maple Farm ( Always a party with great samples (Didn’t get a photo of the maple fudge – the line was too long)

Waffles, ice cream with fresh maple syrup:


Great maple baked beans:


Mark always has a crowd around him because he’s always teaching people about making great syrup:


You cannot believe how wonderful the aroma is inside a maple sugaring house.

Can’t wait to walk in the door again next year:



A weekend trip to Portland is always fun….and it’s a wonder to take in the “Lock Fence” in old town by the harbor. There’s a chain link fence where people are allowed to put locks on – most with written or engraved messages:


I’ve already got a lock picked out for our family to attach next visit:


But spring time in Maine means it’s time to leave.


Well for a few days – our favorite family trip / vacation is to New Orleans for Jazzfest:


The fest as always was terrific – even after some pretty heavy rains – and we forgot our rain boots this year – which is essential for muddy grounds….but a little washing and a hair dryer in the hotel rooms dries out even the wettest and muddiest sneakers:


Everyone always asks who was our favorite act….and I always say – no matter who the headliners are…when we were there Paul Simon, Tedeschi-Trucks etc….

(Here’s the lineup for all 7 days – we were at the Fest 2 days:)


…my favorite moments are hearing artists that I’ve never heard before and are amazing.

This year my wife and I agreed that our fav this year was the PresHall Brass – led by 82 year old saxophonist Daniel “Weenie” Farrow. They are the resident brass band at Preservation Hall….and soooo good:


A great reminder – however – of how fortunate and lucky the musicians are that have had great successful full time music careers – are the bands that are playing outside the gates….in the street….for tips.

These two bands….of kids…..were amazing:




In New Orleans it’s like that every year. In the streets around Jazzfest, in the French Quarter – the quality of the street musicians is just stunning.

Besides the Fest itself….and of course the food…..can you say “Oysters at Felix’s”?

Oysters at Felix's 2016


There’s nothing better than wandering through the French Quarter admiring the architecture. Such a beautiful, historical place:







A lot of the buildings have historical plaques that tell the story of the building:


It’s now an art gallery.

But my favorite find was this one.

A red house with a nondescript store:


Even the plaque was sorta dull…..until you got to the end… never know what you’re going to find in New Orleans:




Speaking of streetcars…..we’ve discovered if we time it right.

We can spend the day at Jazzfest,

Hit the French Quarter for dinner afterwards.

Finish the night at perhaps the best place to end any night – no matter what time it is (they’re open 24 hours a day – every day of the year):


And then catch the last streetcar of the evening on the line heading towards our hotel:



A wonderful end to a wonderful trip.


A word about music.

Most everyone I work with at Mishara Music has spent the year touring, writing, exploring but not recording.

So we’ve been working under the radar – marketing and building the audience for our artists.

Streaming….although some might feel angst about it….frees us up to do some very dramatic promotions.

As streaming replaces downloads – we realized that we have even more freedom to give more music away.

So….our 7th Mishara Music free song sampler at…..which contains some of our biggest selling tracks:


The free download is at:


Listen on Spotify at:


Listen on Soundcloud at:




PS Talk about tough decisions – my wife took a photo of me making one of the most difficult of the year (and truth be told – she took a lot of the photos above as well – probably the ones you like the most)….what boxset to buy on Record Store Day….so many boxes….so few funds!

Box Sets Record Store Day 04-16-2016


Marc Ratner

Mishara Music














Life & Summer in Maine in photos, Caitlin Canty – a great way to listen, Don’t Go In The Basement & Music Conventions – the Marcrescue blog

Greetings All,
It’s been weeks since I’ve written..
We’ve been trying to make the most of summer and we’re horrified that it’s almost over.
We had so many plans, hopes and dreams for the endless stretch of summer days when school got out last June…..and now Ethan goes back to 2nd grade in about a week.
So… summer cleaning of the basement and garage…..they’re still scary places full of things we don’t need but don’t have time to get rid of.
How does that happen?
What were we thinking when we thought we had to have all that stuff…..when will we ever learn?
The good news… there’s a local Facebook “Garage Sale” sale page started by a friend of ours.
You can post things you want to get rid of…..and if the price is right almost everything sells.
A great way to clean out and de-stuff.
Except of course – you sell your junk…and end up buying someone else’s…and it ends up in the basement.
It’s just constant movement from one person’s house to another.
I’m sure beyond a doubt that one of these days we’ll buy something on the garage page….get it home and realize that it used to be ours in the first place.
But we’ll get a deal on it!
Be safe though….don’t go down in our basement!
So let’s wrap up the summer.
First new music and then summer in photos….and just the last part of summer…who can even remember back to the beginning.
Mishara Music by next week will have released three new albums this summer.
Early summer was Caitlin Canty’s “Golden Hour”
Acoustic, etherial and haunting.
Once you dig into the lyrics you’ll find an intensity that you didn’t expect.
I’ve always known that music attracts but lyrics are the emotional bond that really connects us to the artist.
Here’s our YouTube Listening Channel for the album – an easy way to listen to the entire album:
Caitlin Canty Golden Hour Cover 1000x1000
Mid-summer Sam Brenner released an acoustic guitar, vocal EP “Here At Home”.  There’s nothing better than hearing an artist with just guitar, vocals and songs.
It’s pure, enchanting and hard to do.
It’s tougher than you think to make a “simple” acoustic album – check out “Here At Home” on it’s YouTube Listening Channel and see how he did (while he’s working on his full album with all kinds of cool instrumentation):
Our last Mishara Music album of summer is from Canadian native and Berklee School of Music grad Ken Yates and his album “twenty-three”
It’s our end of summer album and highlights Ken’s songwriting which was written about in a blog post by none other than John Mayer.
John spoke to Ken’s class at Berklee in Boston and after hearing Ken’s song “I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love” he wrote about it on his blog and among other kind words said this:
“Want to hear a great song? (I mean a REALLY great song?)” – John Mayer, one forty plus
Wanna hear it?  Check out twenty-three’s YouTube Listening Channel here:
Mishara has YouTube Listening Channels for almost all of our albums….I’ll post a bunch of them at the end of this letter.
On to summer in Maine with a 7 year old.
With my broken ankle (detailed in an earlier version of this blog – read them all at it seems I’ve taken fewer photos than normal.
Hard to do with both hands on crutches (thankfully I think I’m finally off of them).
But my wife Kim has taken more than usual and any photo that you think is particularly cool, interesting and artistic… can probably bet she took it…..and I haven’t given her proper credit.
Nana’s apt has a pool:
Backfloat July 17th, 2013
We’ve been sneaking out at the end of the day lately to our favorite lake swimming hole at Barrett’s Cove:
Barrett's Cove 07-31-2013
In the seven years since Ethan was born I think Kim and I have seen only two movies that weren’t animated and oriented for kids.
Thankfully kids movies are a big business these days and pretty great.
We loved Despicable Me 2:
Despicable Me 2 Movies 07-14-2013
The flyer for the movie had cutouts for kids…..and no self respecting seven year old wouldn’t try them out:
Despicable Me 2
Wild Maine Blueberries.
Every year local farms open up on a certain day for self picking and we always go:
Later as all the blueberries ripen we always buy 20 pounds of blueberries and freeze them for smoothies all winter:
They harvest a lot of blueberries:
Our 20 pounds:
Blueberries 20 lbs 08-04-2013
Every summer we buy tickets for 4 Portland Sea Dogs (the Double A Boston Red Sox farm team).
This year we hit both fireworks night:
And “kids run the bases” after the game day.  Didn’t get a good photo of Ethan running the bases but we got to take pictures standing in left field by the “Green Monster” wall at Portland’s Hadlock Field – which is an exact replica of the “Green Monster” at Fenway Park:
Nothing like singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”….”And it’s One, Two, Three Strikes you’re out”:

During the summer there are two radio / record business conventions that I attend every year

The great advantage of going to music business conventions is that the music companies bring artists in to play for the radio programmers and it’s a great opportunity to see wonderfully talented people up close in a setting that we’d never get to have any other way.
One of my favorite stories of how the professional and personal worlds can intersect happened a few years ago at the Boulder AAA radio / record gathering.
We had lunchtime and late afternoon mini concerts in a big tent set up in the back yard of the hotel.  This particular hotel was situated right by a river and running path used by the public.
There were no security fences or anything of that sort.
At this particular lunch meeting we were delighted to have a private concert by Patty Griffin.  A personal favorite artist of my wife and I.
I was standing by the back of the tent…..and watched out of the corner of my eye as a woman running on the jogging path…..stopped as she heard the music….and walked up the tent and peeked in and stood there in shock.  She told a couple of us standing around after the performance ended that her favorite artist of all time was Patty Griffin and that she was running along and heard music from the tent and thought – “Wow, whoever that is they sound so good….and they’re doing a great version of one of my favorite Patty Griffin songs”.
She of course thought it was some local singer doing a Patty Griffin imitation…..and then looked in the tent and was dumbfounded…..there was her favorite artist performing in a tent at lunchtime in downtown Boulder.
We explained the circumstances….she said thanks and continued on her run – still in a bit of shock but with a big smile on her face.
It was so much fun to see how music can make such a difference in someone’s life.
It’s why I do what I do.
This year in that same tent you would have heard and seen “The Courtyard Hounds” – who if you don’t know are sisters Emily and Martie – two thirds of the Dixie Chicks – who have been performing as the hounds with two albums released since the Dixie Chicks went on hiatus in 2007.
The other convention I hit every summer is The Conclave in Minneapolis.
It’s more of a business meeting than musical and unlike so many meetings at conventions The Conclave specializes in having speakers that you can actually learn from.
This year was no exception.
I had three favorite moments this year in Mpls.
First the longtime director of The Conclave was retiring and as he was giving his farewell speech after having been given an award for his long service to the industry…..he noticed that his wife in the audience wasn’t paying attention and was doing something on her smartphone.  He stopped the speech and asking her what she was doing…..she was texting a friend.
That got the best laugh of the meeting.
For those of us guys who think we’re so darned important……our wives can put us in our place in a fraction of a second.
Lesson learned….which I’m sure I’ll forget again….and again….and again.
BMI – which is a performing rights organization for songwriters sponsored a session with Randy Bachman who was both a founding member of The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive.
He told some great songwriting stories and demonstrated on acoustic guitar.  Randy talked about finishing the song “Takin’ Care Of Business” actually on stage during a performance when he substituted the line “Takin’ Care Of Business” into the chorus instead of what he’d previously written after hearing a local dj use the line to start his radio show that afternoon.
You never know where inspiration comes from.
The best talk of all was given by the former COO of American Express John Baker.  His discussion about his book “The Asking Formula – Ask What You Want and Get It” was one of the best presentations I’ve seen at any convention ever.
The Asking Formula
But my favorite photo from either convention was from Colorado on a quick trip away from the meetings for breakfast with a friend in the mountains.
On the way back we noticed this sign – on the road next to a rushing river right along side us:
Easy for the sign people to post….not so good for people still on crutches (as I was at the time).
I’ve never tried rock climbing on crutches….but I guess there’s always a first time for everything.
Thankfully the weather was dry.
As I mentioned on the last blog post – we took Ethan to see Paul McCartney at Fenway Park…..and 47 years ago my mother took my sister and I to see Paul and his first band in the Boston area as well.
Photos, stories and set lists from both concerts on the last blog post which you can read at:
The one thing I forgot to mention on that last post was what Paul said after he finished playing “I’ve Just Seen A Face”.
He said that at every concert people hold up signs and he has to keep reminding himself as he’s trying to remember chords and lyrics….”Don’t read the signs, don’t read the signs”…..and of course he can’t resist and reads the signs and then has to try and remember where he is in the middle of the song.
They turned the cameras on a number of the signs in the audience so we could see them and the two I remember reading were:
“I’m a Maccaholic and there is no cure” (For those that don’t know “Macca” is a long time Paul nickname).
“The guy behind me can’t see”.
I googled that one and it turns out that’s been an annoying sign at concerts of all sorts for quite a while.
What some people will do to get attention.
It’s a wonder that Paul got through the song with all he had to read in front of him.
A fun story and an excuse to post another photo from the concert……so much fun:
We all hear the rumors every time he tours that this is the “last” tour….and at 71 how many more can there be?
One of my favorite moments of the show was when he walked to the front of the stage and stood there for a moment not saying anything just watching the crowd cheer….and he finally said….”I just wanted to take a moment to take this all in”.
An interesting comment.
At 71 Paul knows that this won’t go on forever as well.
I feel lucky to have witnessed these moments.  Paul and his Liverpool mates are such a big reason I ended up in music as a career.
Although to be fair to myself – before the Beatles came to America I was already involved in music – at that point having studied both classical violin (I played in the Mpls Youth Symphony Orchestra) and classical guitar.
In a completely different setting a few weeks ago Kim and I drove to Portland to see our new artist Ken Yates perform – opening for one of our favorites – Liz Longley.
Ken was terrific live…..both as a singer-songwriter:
And a storyteller:
Ken story teller
I know both sides of Ken’s performance worked very well…..because after the show it took me a while to say hello…..he made a lot of fans that night:
Liz Longley was great as always and my wife and I had a great rare date night out.
One of the very few times we didn’t take Ethan with us.
Fenway Park or One Longfellow Square in Portland – live music is always a joy.
Every July is the annual Lobster Festival in Rockland Maine – next door to us.
Nothing like fresh lobster:
A sidenote here…..I know I never had my own lobster until I was long into adulthood…..growing up in Maine as a kid sure has it’s advantages:
More live music – this time The Nutopians:
Nothing beats the bungee jumping:
We’re always among the last to leave – we love our family adventures:
It’s been a summer of adventure for sure……witness our mini superhero telling us on a camping trip this past weekend:
“I’m pointing to adventure!”
Super Ethan Pointing To Adventure 08-17-2013
I hope you all had the adventure of summer in your lives as well!
One final note – if you like what you read here – you can sign up on the right hand side to get a notification email when I publish a new posting….or just sign up for my Twitter account – that’s where I notify people of new posts, free songs and post more photos.
Here are a few more Mishara Music Listening Channels:
Barnaby Bright “The Longest Day”
4 Panel Digipak Tube Pocket D1003 [Converted]
Chris Ross “Halfway To Wonderland”
Clarensau “This One’s For You”
Connor Garvey “Where Ocean Meets Land” (New album coming this fall):
Kat Maslich “The Road Of 6”:
RoadOf6-5x5 - Digital Cover - 04-15-10
Peter Bradley Adams “Between Us”:
Between Us - Square
Enjoy…..and remember – free songs from all of these albums are available on the Mishara Music website at www.misharamusic/freesongs and we never ask for an email address or any kind of registration;
Mishara Music Free Song Page August 2013
More free songs are available on our free song samplers at

Summer photos, apples, new music, growing old, lobsters & even Bert

Greetings all,
First – a disclaimer – it’s been a while since I posted one.  This is the sorta almost weekly Marc Ratner / Mishara Music blog / email.  It started years back as a letter to radio programmers (now it’s posted for anyone and everyone to read – hope you enjoy….do let me know) about the music I was passionate about.  Especially since my business partner Linda Baker and I started the Mishara Music label – otherwise known as “A Home For Singer-Songwriters”.  The one thing I’ve found after years of being in the music business (including over 20 years at Warner Bros, Reprise & DreamWorks Records) is you need to love the music you’re involved with.  If you don’t have that connection – then go sell toothpaste.  A tube of Crest doesn’t care if it sits in a warehouse but I always remember that music isn’t just a digital file or a plastic disc – it’s the life’s work of an artist that’s made the decision to take the less traveled path in life that has no guarantees.
But the letter isn’t just about business and music.  It’s about life.  My love of music in intertwined with everything else in my world and that’s what I write about.
The quick perspective?  It’s a letter about life in Maine with a six year old….with a bit of music thrown in for good measure and a lot of photos.
Autumn is arriving quickly.
One of the first indicators of fall is when our local apple orchard starts their self-picking season. We’ll be gorging on apples for the next couple of months – they have 13 different varieties of apples and they have different ones to pick almost every weekend through the end of October:
The beginning of apples means the end of the wild Maine blueberry season and it was a great one this year:
But we’re prepared – we have our annual 20 pounds of Maine blueberries cleaned and separated into bags in the freezer for a winter of blueberry pancakes and smoothies:
For New England baseball fans the season is basically over.
Our local Maine team – The Portland Sea Dogs (Red Sox Double A team) season is finished and they didn’t make the playoffs this year even though they had a great winning streak at the end of the season.
The Red Sox have regained the form that we’ve grown to love and bicker about over the last 100 years – minus those few weird winning seasons in the early and mid “00’s”.
But even with losing seasons how can you resist evenings like this:
Hadlock Park – the Sea Dogs home:
Fenway Park – in it’s 100th year:
Time to put away my two favorite caps for the year:
And now that the Red Sox are safely losing again I should probably spring for this t-shirt:
Autumn also brings three new albums to Mishara Music with a fourth in the works as well.
First up is new Mishara Music artist Chris Ross.
The new album is “Halfway To Wonderland” and goes up for sale for Mishara Music on October 9th:
Chris is very literate and his lyrics have an edge that I just love.
How can you resist an artist that has posts like this on his Facebook page:
And FYI – we already have a free song page for “Jack and Jill (Bottom Of My Grave)” – please feel free to post and share the page with anyone and everyone and remember with all the Mishara Music free song pages – no email, sign up or registration of any kind is necessary to download the songs.  It’s easy to download and share with anyone and everyone:
Coming right after Chris is the much anticipated new Barnaby Bright “The Longest Day” album:
You might remember Barnaby Bright was the Grand Prize winner of the prestigious Song Circle song contest in 2010 – a $10,000 grand prize:
 and here they are again in the finals of the NPR – Mountain Stage song contest:
They’ll be performing at Lincoln Center in NYC at the award ceremony on October 20th and then their cd release party will be at Joe’s Pub on October 23rd.
I just caught them in Boston last week headlining at Cafe 939 – a Berklee School Of Music venue and took this photo during soundcheck… can’t believe how great a sound you get from two voices, a banjo, a ukelele and a cello on this particular track they were soundchecking:
When Becky gets behind the grand piano it’s a completely different sound.
“Made Up Of” is an example of that, one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard and it’s inspired by a true story.
Get a first listen here:
And it’s our first FREE song off of the album.  As with Chris Ross – no email, sign up or registration of any kind is necessary to download the track.  It’s easy to download and share with anyone and everyone:
And a quick teaser – coming in November a new full album by Clarensau “This One’s For You”:
Some other Odds and Ends.
I’ve been on the road a bunch this summer and two photos from a trip to California need to be seen!
1.  Headed north on 395 b/t Los Angeles and Lake Tahoe they really can charge just about anything for gas they want.  This was before the latest price gouging because of the Middle East unrest:
And although he’s semi-retired from the photo business – Bert still travels with me but has gotten very camera shy lately.
But of course that depends on the circumstances!
When Erica Farber the President and CEO of the RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau) wanted to say hello and take a photo with Bert – he jumped at the chance:
And two last things to mention.
I’m sorry.
Really I am.
I’m going to talk about lobsters now.
I know by the time live Maine lobsters hit most restaurants – especially away from Maine – they’re charging an arm and a leg for them.
It’s not fair.
Because the prices the Maine lobster fishermen receive are the lowest in years.
We have a fisherman friend that told me recently that he was getting $2.50 a pound for lobster that it cost him $1.50 to catch.  He told me the middlemen that come to the docks and pay him that $2.50 then turn around and drive them a few miles and charge more than double what they paid him and then most restaurants triple that price and are charging upwards of $18.00 for the same lobster.
The lobstermen are hurting.
So there’s been a campaign about in Maine to support the fisherman.
So we did a lobster party at the house and bought them from our friend as part of a charity auction for our son’s old preschool.
Dan even came and cooked them for us.
It’s a simple operation:
And the results were wonderful:
I know I know.
That’s cruel.
But I’ll make you a deal.
Come visit and we’ll host a lobster party for you.
The night Barnaby Bright played in Boston last week was the night before the new iPhone 5 went on sale.
Walking back from the club to the subway I passed the big Boston Apple store.
They had the windows covered up while they prepared the new display and of course there were already about 100 people camped out waiting (only a few of them visible here):
And the press was ready to post on the 11 o clock news:
I took all this in thinking about a quote I’d just read from one of my favorite authors – James Lee Burke – from his new novel “Creole Belle”:
I’ve never read a better quote about getting older – I didn’t specifically look at the ages of the people lined up to get the new iPhone – but I believe they tended to be younger rather than older.
Our priorities change as we age…..and that’s not a bad thing.
Especially because of the way James Lee Burke put it:
Have a thoughtful week.
PS  The first radio station to add Chris Ross – off of a sampler – not even waiting for the album to arrive – was WBSD in Burlington, WS.  They loved his music and are adding both songs that were on that radio programming sampler.
The reason I bring that up is because now I’ll find out what kind of music penguins like.
Streaming is a wonder for radio and you never know who’s listening.
Tom Gilding the GM at the station has been getting emails from some streaming listeners that love the station….and certainly can use the entertainment.
They even sent a couple of photos and made a poster advertising the station to their local audience (remember what I said about penguins):
Marc Ratner

Crazy winter people in Maine on Toboggans / Happily we give songs away free & the Peanut Butter problem fixed! – The Marcrescue blog

Greetings All,
Well here we are smack dab in the middle of February.
It was 4 degrees this morning when we got up which is just about perfect.
Unfortunately there’s no snow in the forecast.
But it was perfect weather this weekend for the annual US National Toboggan Championships which are held at the Camden Snow Bowl – the only commercial ski area in the continental USA where you can see the ocean from the ski run:
Luckily it’s gotten colder because the toboggan run empties out onto the ice on Hosmer Pond.  (Note -“pond” in Maine means the body of water is same size or larger than “lake” in other places).  Every year Hosmer Pond becomes a virtual city on ice – this photo was taken on Sunday after the festivities were over so most of the crowd on the ice had already departed for home:
It’s not a fancy championship (c’mon – how much money is there in toboggan racing these days?) but the organizers take it seriously:
They have great trophies:
There’s great food:
Including a treat that Maine is famous for – the “Whoopie Pie” and there’s none better than these – but you better have a big appetite for the “Giant” size:
The “city” on the ice is amazing.
People bring the most amazing things.
It wouldn’t be Maine without a Lobster and a Moose:
A big person’s toy – oooh wish I had one of these:
Someone even brought and set up a jumpzone for kids on the ice – for free – just for the fun of it:

Even the bull from “Urban Cowboy” showed up (it’s been a while since the movie  – guess there’s not much demand anymore):
The housing on the ice is pretty extravagant:
Although I keep thinking – do they remember they’re on ice????
The racing can be intense (love that they use a Camden Police Dept speeding sign for the speed display – I think it means that this team could actually receive a speeding ticket:
But the big fun are the teams that race seriously but have fun with their uniforms.  I love seeing what they’re going to do every year.
The National Team from Holland wins the “Best Dressed” contest every year:
This is the photo I took of them last year:
Other random outfits this year include these and it gets stranger the more you see:
Love the classic twist on “Schweddy Balls”:
What’s winter without a classic drop seat long underwear team:
But of course with the Maine GOP voting on Sunday the day after I took these photos – I wasn’t surprised at all to see all the politicians that will do anything to get votes:
A great time was had by all.
In the meantime – Connor Garvey’s album continues to get great radio airplay – in the past two weeks he’s moved from # 151 to # 132 to # 106:
A wonderful album:
And our Amazon free song samplers:
Keep getting the most amazing reviews – it’s weird – the more we give away the more we sell – what a concept:
As a matter of fact – currently as The Civil Wars sit at # 1 & # 2 on the Folk chart – right next to them as I write this our two free song samplers sit at # 1 and # 2 on the Free Folk Chart:
So life is good.
And as always one person’s treat is different from what works for the next person.
Some people love a corndog:
But if you read last weeks letter you know that some people (ME!) just aren’t going to be happy until they’re re-supplied with not one but TWO jars of CRUNCHY (sorry creamy fans):
Now if we just had a little snow all would be perfect in our little northeast corner of the world!